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The share of organic and natural cosmetics in the $270 billion global cosmetic market is growing at a fast pace  


The seeds of Vrise Natural & Organic Cosmetic Products Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Known as Bio organic natural cosmetic products) was sown in january 2010 with one man's vision for a prosperous, Herbal, natural and Organic products from India. Mr. Arfeen, is a visionary who dared challenge the impediments to India's Herbal and Organic products future. He pioneered many ventures and spearheaded the quest for sourcing the finest technologies in the world of Organic and Herbal products.


The Vrise Natural & Organic Cosmetic Products Pvt. Ltd. saga was born when it took over the 5 year old Bio organic natural cosmetic products in 2017. The Herbal, natural and Organic manufacturing unit of the Group have worked with state of the art, modern manufacturing facility, we use natural spring water which is filtered through Reverse Osmosis process to manufacture our products in an Environment that is Clean and Green.  Strong collaborations with National and International market leaders as well as Dermatologists. They, like and appreciate our technological innovations and strong initiatives on new product development, have contributed substantially to a strong impact in the market of Herbal, natural and Organic Products.


Distinct fragrances used in Creams, lotions, shampoos, and other cosmetic products are because of certain aromatic hydrocarbons that are also derived from petroleum. Dermatologists and beauty experts have always pitched against the use of petroleum based materials in cosmetic products. In recent times organic and natural cosmetics have not only surfaced in the market, but are also fast increasing their share in the overall global cosmetic market, which is worth over $270 billion. We must attempt to peep into the world of organic and natural alternatives to petroleum in the beauty care products, and explore possible business opportunities in the segment.                         


Ordinary commercial cosmetic products, which include even those that are manufactured by well-reputed brands, often contain toxic and chemically-potent substances capable of causing long term adverse impacts on human skin. Some people, in fact, exhibit immediate health problems upon use of such products.



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